Tomorrow, Tomorrow it’s only a day away…


Ahh, tomorrow. My first day back at work. It’s funny because I have cherished my time here with Autumn, but was looking forward to going back to work since I am an awful stay at home mom (aka: (for me) do-nothing-all-day-except-stare-at-her-baby-mom) so was thinking some sort of structure in my life again was going to be nice, and good for me.

Well, it’s not.

Ok, I’m excited to see my coworkers again, and to really have the structure that my personality so desires, but I really am going to miss my baby girl.

A DREAM baby girl at that.

She is a doll. Although she is not consistently sleeping through the night, she usually sleeps till 4-5am then she gets some formula and then back to sleep till around 9. She never cries unless she needs to eat, or wants to do something different, and that’s always short-lived. I always said my second baby was going to be hell-on-wheels since my first was also such a doll. Guess I’m a lucky one.

So tomorrow is back to work. Back to schedules. Back to 13-year-old craziness. I am excited to see my kids and co-workers. I am excited to have a scheduled time to write my dissertation after school. And work out again. But I’m gunna miss my gal. My doll. My Autumn.

I feel like I have so much to say, but there is no words to say how much I love my little girl. She is just so beautiful, and sweet, and cute.

So what are we doing with her? Kyle’s mom is here for 2 weeks to get to know her, and play with her and River. Then after that, we decided that Kyle is going to stay home with her till the end of June when I am done with school. Then, yes, she is going into daycare with River for  2 days a weeks so I can {hopefully} get my dissertation proposal finished.

We were going to have Kyle NOT stay home because of the possible Rwanda baby. She may come home at the end of the summer, but most likely later. It was going to be earlier, but we decided to ask the government of Rwanda to put us at the end of the line, and  since we asked for a baby girl 0-12 months, and the orphanage that the government works with has “run out of babies”, things will most likely slow down. But, there is a slight possibility of late summer/early fall. I know, crazy. But we will see.

So am I ready? No, and yes. All I know is that I am in love. And I just want the best for my babe. Tomorrow is more that just another day. It is my first day away from her, and it will be a sad day, but I hope someday she will appreciate her mom and the work that I do.

Weird thing to say, but I do it for both {or all} of us.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow it’s only a day away…

  1. All will be well…
    Just give her and River lots of cuddles and kisses each morning, and count your blessings.
    Love, Mom/Grammie

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