Being a mom…

~means I don’t sleep as well as I used to, but wake up much happier after Riv climbs into bed with us to finish up his nights sleep.

~means I’m not just focusing on myself and my future, but instead the 2 other wondrous lives I am responsible for (and proud of).

~means I appreciate my mom and grandmoms (and all others before them) so much more than I did before. I finally give due credit to the amazing people who brought me into this fascinating world.

~means dealing with poop is second nature. Um, is this a good thing?

~means I get to wrestle every night and be “Minnie Mouse” or “Woody” or whoever else my imaginative child makes me out to be.

~means I get to be a child sometimes. I think we “adults” need that more often than not.

~means I get to sit here figuring out how to type with a squirmy baby on my lap, until the moment I look down and she is peacefully sleeping. The world could not be any better.

~means I get to go to the park and swing on swings on a regular basis. Again, we should all do that more often.

~means I can also watch Disney movies without anyone looking at me funny. Yes, big kids like princesses too.

~means I can watch an adorable baby sleep without being creepy. It’s like the worlds best TV show.

~means that I get to meet new friends though my kids. This is something that I have found absolutely priceless these past 4 years.

Well, this list could go on and on. Being a mom means so many amazing things (and some frustrating things too, but hey, it’s mother’s day so I’m sticking with the positive) but I think the best part of being a mom is being able to share your heart and soul. Until I had a child I never understood. Like, REALLY understood. Having a little person(s) to give yourself to is an amazing and mind-blowing thing.

River and Autumn (and Kyle too, but that’s another post) will always have my heart and soul. I now know the love of a mother to a child, and it’s something that no one in this world could ever describe with words.

Happy mothers day to my family and friends. You are so loved!


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