so… um, remember a few posts back when I told you that I was working with my agency to be pushed to the back of the line? Ya, um, I guess that didn’t happen.

Before I get to the story, I need to start by saying that I feel really selfish. There was a time when I would be celebrating (I am, but not the jump up and down kind at this moment) when we got this news. Any steps in the international adoption process should be very celebrated, since it is such a PROCESS. Many bloggers that I read shout from the rooftops when they hear the news I have heard, and I feel bad for not doing the same.

ANYway, a couple of days ago I got a call from our Rwanda agency. They said to call back and that they have some exciting news. Now, in my head I thought, “is this our approval? Rwanda did tell us that we would most likely get our approval at the end of May, but I KNOW that there are still people ‘in line’ and we were told that we were going to be pushed to the end?” So I wondered what it could be.

It was our approval. (Yea!?)

After having some conversation with our agency, she said that there are still no babies in the orphanage that the government works with, so things will most likely take longer than expected. (Like end of summer?) But she said they are trying to figure out other orphanages to work with, it’s just the paperwork has to be spectacular for international adoption. So, we will see.

Now, the best part of the story. I then asked them, “Did you receive our approval today?” (Hoping to get some positive news out to the Rwanda adoption community). And she slowly said… “No”.

“So when did you receive it?”

(long pause) “End of April”

A month ago? Really?

Then she said that they received it right after we got word that we were moved to the end of the line (and I have proof that the agency did what I asked them to do and put us at the end of the line, and they were told by many different people in Rwanda that that would be okay). So, kinda weird that they waited to fill us in, but I’m actually okay with it. Gave me time to relax. (Um, well, I don’t usually have a hard time relaxing, but this whole thing HAS fried my nerves quite a bit if you haven’t noticed).

So then she emailed me and I got the paper that was dated April 20th, 2011.

One month ago.

We are officially approved with the Rwandan government to adopt a baby girl (request is as young as possible) and up to 18 months.

So what now? Well, we now wait for a referral (picture, info etc.). And although I am very excited for this next step to come (and when it does I’ll be ecstatic) I wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer so I can get to know my Autumn a little more, and also give River the time to figure out “siblinghood”. They are the most amazing kiddos and I want to do all my children justice.

Well, I really have no idea how long this is gunna take. Could be next month or 6 months. Total toss up. But I do know that I need to get her room ready. I need another crib, changing table, carpet (that one is planned thank goodness), repainted and oh I don’t know what else. I thought I for sure had all summer to think about this.

Guess it’s time to get to work.


3 thoughts on “celebration!?

  1. More exciting news for the Carsons! We’ll be thinking of you in the months ahead, and hopefully we’ll get to meet beautiful Autumn sometime this summer. Take care!

  2. Sounds like you were not bumped to the back of the line for approval…;) Whatever happens is meant to happen, so don’t panic:) It sounds like it is going to take a while for referrals at the moment too. I am jealous (in a good way!). I hope we hear something soon too.

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