the kiddos and pics

I feel like I need to do a little update on our adorable two kiddos. Nothing too insightful here, just a joyful report on my babes.

River has been a kick lately. I actually am really liking this almost 4 age since he is more independent than ever before, but he is still my cuddly and goofy little boy. I was away from him for almost 3 weeks when Grandma passed (went to CO while I was gone and didn’t return until Autumn’s baptism) and it was a killer for me. I missed all his craziness and love. He sure puts a smile on my face when I need it most.

He is currently doing great at swimming lessons and going to “preschool” (can you call it that in the summer?) only 2 days a week. He is doing ok at school, but we are working on listening and doing works instead of always playing. It seems that he and his best bud Claire like to get in trouble together. If they weren’t so darn cute I would be more mad. You should see these two- they are two peas in a pod. He’s lucky to have found such an awesome friend. 🙂 (If only they would tone it down at school…. but alas, I guess what goes around, comes around).

River is still in love with Mickey, but is expanding his interests to spaceships and other science type things. Kyle loves this and is encouraging it. It’s fun to see my boy talk about all the fun things he learns in school.

He is still amazingly stubborn (and is right now fighting his best to not take a nap) and while on the subject of naps, he will usually take a nap for 2-4 hours a day. Yes, he is almost 4. And yes, I know how lucky I am. But you have to remember, he is my kid, so it’s a much-needed rest for me. I could sleep 11-12 hours a night if I could.

As for Autumn, she is one of the easiest babies on the face of the earth. For example, the other night I went out to dinner with my friend Katherine, then afterwards we went and got our toenails done. Autumn fell asleep after dinner and through the first part of my toenails. She then woke up and watched us for the last half an hour, barely fussing at all. She is an amazingly laid back baby.

She was also a little angel baby in NY when my grandma passed as well as the funeral. She really brightened up the mood with her smile when we were all close to tears. I am so thankful that she came with me, and that she was so wonderful. When we returned and school was over for me, we decided to put her in daycare with River for 2 days a week. Partly so she can get used to the place, but mostly so I can get some writing done. Honestly, last week was a productive week because of it. Those hours by myself researching and writing has gotten me pumped about my dissertation again. Thank goodness. Oh, and Autumn seems to be doing awesome at daycare… another “thank goodness”. (But really, how could she not???)

She is also getting quite large. Since she started at a 5lb 8oz peanut, she has now grown to almost 14lbs at her 4 month appointment. At her 2 month, she was still quite small at (um, I think) around 9lbs, and only 5th percentile. Now, she has skyrocketed to around the 50th percentile in height and weight. Amazing!

She also loves to talk. She will sit and talk to you as if she were seriously wanting to have a deep discussion. Although she can sorta sit up on her own for a minute, she still doesn’t seem to be understanding the whole rolling over thing. She’ll get there soon, I know it. Autumn is also starting to nap in longer chunks and sleeps consistently from 9pm-7am then she eats and goes back down again till around 9. Love. it.

Finally, Autumn’s baptism was last Sunday at our UCC church. It was such great fun for all of us to spend time together. She was so worth the celebration.

So all in all the kiddos are doing great. It’s fun to see them grow, and now that its summer, just plain ol’ spend more time with them.

I sure do know how lucky I am.


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