My big gal

Autumn is getting huge.

I am so impressed with how my baby gal is growing. She was such a peanut when she was born, and it took her so long (well, that’s how it felt) for her to feel like a baby who should be “out of the womb”. Well, here she is, thriving (except for a little virus) and big as ever. I took her to the doctor the last week to get this virus checked, and she weighed in at 15lbs, 10oz. Almost 2lbs more than roughly 3 and a half weeks prior!

She rolled over the other day for the first time… wanting to get to a toy of course! She also really just started giggling as well. She laughs when you slowly get close to her face and make silly noises. She thinks it’s a riot. (I thinks it’s quite awesome as well). She is getting more antsy than last time I wrote (I know, it was only a few weeks ago) and she likes to do a variety of things- not stay in one place.

It’s quite hard to believe that she is growing up so fast. This one feels so much quicker than Riv, and I think that’s because I’m focused on 2 kiddos instead of one. Well, I’m thankful for all this time I have with them (even when we bump heads- and we seem to bump heads more often than not when we are just hanging out at home…hmmmm) and I am appreciating all the time I have in the summer.

Yea summer!


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