The Rwanda dream…

I have not spoken about our international adoption efforts in Rwanda lately for a lot of reasons. Mostly though, because it seems like another Nepal.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The reason for the possible failing of this adoption is not because of the unethical practices that are going on with the adoption system in the country. Instead, they are working so hard at becoming a Hague compliant (in other words, be recognized as a country that has good practice in terms of adoption). Unfortunately, they want to get this up and running soon, and since we did not start our adoption process with them when they were certified Hague, we may not be able to finish our international dream.

From what I know, (which isn’t much) the country of Rwanda is sending out “6 month regret letters”. These are supposed to state that if you do not have a referral (a child picked out for you) by 6 months after your approval was granted, then they will send your paperwork back to you. Of course many of us wouldn’t mind waiting for however long it would take to get a child (babies are far and few between in the one orphanage where inter country adoption is handled), but that may not be able to happen.

So how are we feeling? Well, we would be devastated if this did not work out…. but we have gone through this before, and I have always been very okay with only having 2 kids. We have been far beyond blessed with the Riv-man in our lives. He is energetic, funny, and my favorite little boy on the face of the earth. Autumn, well, I can not imagine my life without her. She is the sweetest, happiest little girl. Life would not be complete without these 2 kids.

Maybe that will be true someday with a beautiful child from Rwanda. Or, maybe I will never be given that chance. I don’t know. All I do know is that although I hope we soon get a referral (before October 20) we are incredibly blessed with what wonderful family we have.


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