A journey begins with a single step…

2 different journeys are embarking in our family today.

Kyle is off to California, beginning his trek on the John Muir trail. It starts in Yosemite and goes roughly 200+ miles. He is gone (with a dear friend of mine, Erin, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding) for 23 days, walking between 10-12 miles a day, with quite a bit of elevation change. I am an impressed and very proud wife. So many times he said he wanted to do something like this, and now he is doing it.

River, Autumn and I are off to Buffalo tomorrow to go to my parents cabin, or “camp” as we call it. We are so excited to spend 2 weeks with family and friends in an amazing place (one of my so-called “happy places”). After that we will be heading to Colorado with my parents to enjoy my hometown. Unfortunately it’s way too short (only a week) but we want to make sure we come back to Minnesota to see kyle arrive after his trek.

So here we go… ready to enjoy the beautiful world we live in!


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