5 minutes

(picture taken by my talented bro)

Cabins are special… All of you who have spent time at any sort of cabin/camp, etc. know that they are special places, but there are times when they are even more.

I was down at the waterside when I realized that I was alone. Like truly alone. Autumn was sleeping on the couch in the boathouse, River was up at the main house having a snack with someone (well, at least that’s what I thought) and I was enjoying one of the most beautiful mid mornings on 7th lake so far this trip.

The moment I realized this I set down my magazine and laid my head back on the comfy green adirondack chair. I closed my eyes and took in all the peacefulness that this amazing place has to offer.

The breeze was blowing (just slightly) and the sun was poking through the pine tree needles just above my head. The evergreen smell was sweet and minty and was stronger if I turned my head just slightly to the right. I was listening to the waves gently finish their cycle on the dock right in front of me, mingled with the rustling of the trees. After a couple of minutes of enjoying the experience with my eyes closed I cracked them open to see what I was feeling.

With the sun coming through and hitting my eyelids, I look out and enjoy the beauty of the water. It’s like a thousand stars sparkling on the blue before me followed with green trees spiking up on the hills beyond. The boat house keeps me protected and safe feeling and I know that I am immersed in pure peaceful happiness.

I am relaxed. I am content. (I am more than a little jealous of kyle who is experiencing something like this for 3 weeks straight) but I know that the day will be filled with splashing, skiing, loud children, and lots of high energy conversations. I look forward to all that is before me, but am relishing in the moment at hand.

Soon, after my five minutes, the world around me began to wake. Family and friends wandered down to enjoy the perfect morning that I already discovered, kids come down to find the water guns and other toys that make noise, and boats turn on and roar off with skiers and wake boarders in tow.

But those 5 minutes man, those were mine, and they were beautiful.


One thought on “5 minutes

  1. Life is all about gratitude. Pay attention and appreciate, that’s when you find it. I am always happy Erin to know that you understand the meaning of gratitude and know deep down inside the importance of paying attention.

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