my snuggle bug

So in the last 2 and a half weeks since we left Minnesota River has been, well, difficult. Don’t get me wrong, he is a sweet and wonderful boy, but the last weeks he has shown his extreme “orneriness” and quick temper way more often than I would like being a mom with a dad in the back woods of California. Even today, when we spent the day at WaterWorld in Denver, one of Riv’s favorite spots when he visits Colorado, he had 2 complete meltdowns that consisted of screaming and flying hands. It’s been a tough two and a half weeks with the boy, but there have been times where I have blissfully forgotten the times when I become the punching bag because he (most likely unconsciously) does a 180 and becomes the boy that does things like “give a kiss and hug goodbye” when leaving any so-called friend or relative. He becomes my happy boy for a very wonderful while.

With that said, and to move on to my next story, I need to fess up to something about myself. I am not, I repeat, NOT a snuggler at night. If Kyle trys to come close to me I quicly do a sort of “all hands on deck” pose. (Basically lie face first with my hands and legs spread so I take up as much room as possible so to keep my own space without any sort of invasion). I guess you could also relate it to when you were a kid and there was that invisible line that was drawn in the back seat of the car that your sibling could not cross (yes, Colin, I am talking to you here!) I am the same in the bed. My space is my space. No negotiation.

So anyway Riv has been a pain in the butt. But last night, due to how hot it was in the house, or bad dreams, or whatever, there was a lot of whimpering going on in his room. As a mom, no matter how much your kid irks you in the day, at night all you want to do is comfort him. So when I heard the sad noises coming out of his mouth I quickly jumped over to his room and cuddled him to sleep.

Now, since I am not a snuggler as you all know by now, I couldn’t stay in that position for long. Once I knew he was asleep again I went back to my room and had all limbs in all four corners of my comfy bed. I fell back to sleep quickly due to the fact that I have a beautiful amount of space all to myself only to be woken up in the middle of the night with my ornery little boy curled into my body. I have no idea when he got there, but at the moment when I woke and realized he was there I didn’t move so to gain more space, but tossed my arm around him to make him feel a little more protected and safe. It was a wonderful feeling.

Now to be COMPLETELY honest, after awhile I think I tried to move away and gain my own space again. Didn’t work. My little snuggle bug kept creeping closer to me the more I moved. By the time I woke I was half way off the bed, but he was there right next to me.

I know this isn’t gunna last forever, so I guess I should eat it up now. Even with all his “pain-in-the-butt-ness” I love that boy more than words could ever describe, and he showed his love and trust in me last night. I wouldn’t take that back (or push him away) for the world.


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