Ahhh summer…

oh how I am going to miss you…

For the hot days and warm nights,

and time at the pool when we relaxed and watched River keep himself happy for hours.

For all the time I had to myself when the kiddos were at daycare,

and all the writing I was able to (sorta) get done.

For the many nights spent with my mommy friends,

and the ability to sleep in the next morning to ward off the headache because of them.

For our time on vacation, in the Adirondacks, Colorado, and for Kyle on the California trail,

our lives are much better because of those 3 weeks.

For the Twins games, play dates, swim lessons, and wonderful free time,

for the state fair, pizza farm, fresh veggies and grilled burgers,

for the bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, and keeping the windows open,

for the green leaves, blue sky and welcomed afternoon raindrops,

and for the time I had to spend with precious friends and family,

but mostly the time where I was able to watch my children grow and grow…

ahh summer, you are going to be so missed.


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