The “hair obsession”

I’m obsessed.

The past few weeks I have been obsessed with Autumn’s hair. I always knew I would become a little crazed, since I knew I’d need to learn all about it, but I’m finding that the more and more I delve into the world of AA hair, the more I want to know. (And the more I realize I SHOULD know).

Part of the reason for the timing of this obsession is because I have been able to start doing things with her hair. For example, the past few weeks I have been able to do a couple pigtails on top of her head, otherwise lovingly known as her “horns”:

Cute, huh?

So how have I been obsessing? Well, I have been reading blogs such as this, this, and this. (Plus too many more to count). I also finally got to watching Chris Rock’s documentary called, “Good Hair” last night and realized how much I didn’t know. Even with the weeks of reading blogs, etc. I am just skimming the surface of this hair thing. Chris Rock really opens the eyes of us white folk (or, “people-who-have-it-pretty-darn-easy-with-their-hair” folk). After watching last night I felt insanely spoiled and ashamed of all those times I complained about my hair. Instead, I should have been appreciative for it’s simplicity.

BUT- I need to say, that my hair is not ANY better than any one elses (especially my daughters). I think it is just a little easier to deal with. Her hair is absolutely beautiful and curly and F. U. N. I LOVE her hair and all that comes with it, and am excited to learn more and more about it. And you know, play with it a little too. (Well, for as long as she will let me).

So what have I learned? (that pertains to me now…) Well, for AA women, product is important.  There is so much out there for AA hair. Some very synthetic, some natural, and many in between. I have read that I need to do a few things to Autumn’s hair now, but not go too crazy with it. Leaving it alone though is NOT such a good idea, and I’ve noticed that if I don’t deeply condition/oil/well, something to it, it really breaks off. It’s funny cause last night when I was watching the movie, my “I-can’t-stop-buying-product-for-my-daughter’s-hair” craziness was confirmed. Someone on the movie said that many AA women try all sorts of stuff for their hair, and having more than enough product in their homes is not unusual.

So, I felt better when I pooled all together the stuff I have bought for her hair (so far this and this are my favorite brands, and I got this in the mail today and I LOVE it). Ok, it’s a little much, but what else am I supposed to do? 🙂

Well, I still have a ton to figure out, but I’m getting there. But for now, I will have fun learning about a whole world I never really knew existed before, and I will have even more fun buying products and accessories for my poor unsuspecting daughter.


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