3+ years….

and still inundated with paperwork for our adoptions.

Yes, adoptions. Sounds like adoption #2 will more than likely pan out (not 100% sure) but our agency told us that although Rwanda is hoping to open up adoptions again (under new rules) all of us that are under the old rules, even with the regret letter, should be transferred to the new Ministry before the program reopens.  In the case that I don’t get a referral before the country accepts dossiers, our file will still be “in line” and matched with children when they become available. So, I gave our agency here in MN the “go” to start renewing our homestudy.

ahhh… a little while later I got an email with an attachment of 14 documents. 14! And mind you, it’s all things that we have filled out before. It’s not my agency’s fault… at all, but it just amazes me how much bureaucratic junk we have to swim through. Adoption is a tricky thing, and frustrating too. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years. 3 years! If this second adoption does go through, or when the paperwork stops, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself…

you know, other than finish my dissertation (which I should be writing right now, since I really want to get a good part done by thursday), not feel swamped with work (you know, since we have less time and MUCH more work this year… new class to teach and all), and of course (and most of all) play with my kiddos.

14??!!! Man oh man.


4 thoughts on “3+ years….

  1. Oh do I understand!! It has been 3 1/2 years of waiting. We we were with the Nepal program and now we were finally matched with our China daughter 3 weeks ago. I have gone to the sheriff’s office 5 times for a background check. I have been fingerprinted 3 times for the state of Indiana and have been fingerprinted nationally 2 times. Can’t these people get together and make one common background check and why do fingerprints have to expire? Ugh!! Just renewed our homestudy for the 2nd time. Thankfully we are getting closer to our daughter now. We hope to travel in Feb./Mar. Love following your blog!!

  2. Hi Erin, I saw your question about recent referrals and wanted to tell you what I know. It looks like our family is a twin of yours 🙂 We have a 3 year old son and a 5.5 month old daughter and our dossier has been in Rwanda for almost 17 months (#55) approved 4/5/11. Our agency has told us that about 17-20 babies were taken to home of hope around june/july and were to be matched with families and referred once they were there at least 2 months. We did not get matched we think because our file was at the ministry being reviewed due to our daughter being born and our home study being updated. So, maybe you and I will get matched with the next group. It seems like babies are still being taken to HOH. Hope that helps!

  3. Very interesting information! We asked our agency if they have heard anything similar and of course they said no. ” No new news at this time.” which is all we ever hear no matter what is going on. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us. Things seem to be moving again. 🙂

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