let’s talk about… $$$

In this time in history when money is on the forefront of people’s minds, with jobs getting cut, people suffering and protests at Wall Street, etc. I want to talk a little bit about a forbidden topic to some. Money.

Now I need to begin with my story so to explain my perspective. I am lucky to have never felt a need for much. Growing up my parents started a company together, where it grew and became very successful. As their child I was always incredibly proud of not only the product they created, but the community/family-friendly place that they established. It was not a money-grubbing company who just wanted a finished product, but a company who wanted their workers and their families happy. And as a family member I always had fun at the 5-6 yearly events the company put on (including a long weekend in Vail, which was something I would fly home for to enjoy- cause it was AWESOME).

So anyway, as the years wore on, the company became more and more successful, and we led a more comfortable lifestyle. It honestly wasn’t until my college years (and right after) where things got really great- (they won their first big contract when I was working there, immediately after graduating from St. Olaf) and I really felt like my parents (and in turn, me) were going to have a pretty easy life. They worked hard to work easy. I wish it worked that way for everyone.

So in recent years, I have found out how people treat you differently if they know you have a little money (family or otherwise). Today, someone I know made a crack about me growing up, “rich”. You would think something like that shouldn’t hurt, but it kinda did. No, like, really did.  Maybe it’s because I have a very liberal perspective on money and economics, (and well, pretty much everything else), maybe it’s because I grew up with just a “normal” amount of money, or maybe it’s cause  I really try to be the person on the street that you never knew had a family that has turned out to be as successful as they have (and therefore in the end, I reap the benefit).

I feel so stupid writing about this in public. I mean, I can see most people be like “really? is she really complaining about being called a rich girl when she obviously has a kushy life?” I don’t really have a good response for ya here.

Now with the end to my second adoption close in sight, money is something I am thinking about daily. I am blessed to have the resources to finish these two adoptions, and it is not truly going to seriously hurt, but it makes me think so much about those out there who are not as lucky. What if I wasn’t so blessed to have a child on my own or have the money to adopt? What if I wanted a child so badly but my body didn’t work that way and I didn’t have the means? I can’t even think that way, which is so selfish because I know it is so common. Maybe I am just a “rich girl”.

Well, I guess I should just keep appreciating all that I have. I always say (when my family kindly tells me that I am spoiled) that I may be spoiled but I appreciate all my ‘spoiledness.’ Instead of living the role of the girl who is an obvious “rich girl” (which honestly, in the end I am not) I hope that I am a good enough person to give, not only money, but a piece of myself. Through being an advocate of adoption, education, and the other oranizations that I cherish, I want to help, to make the world a better place, and to see things through to a happier outcome. I hope that desire of mine never ends, and I hope I can help out people, organizations, and ideas in a positive way.

Instead of just being that “rich girl” I want to be a part of the whole, and to have a small part in making the world just a tad bit better. I don’t need recognition, at all (or is that just my guilt talking since I am posting this here on my oh so public blog?) but at least consciously, I just want to do a little good.

I hope I do.

(ps. those thinking about adoption and have limited resources, I want you to know that there are a lot of organizations out there that will help you live your dream. One is here, but there are many more just like that if you are willing to spend the time and energy looking for grants. Thank goodness for organizations like that.)


2 thoughts on “let’s talk about… $$$

  1. We are a Canadioan family adopting from DRC, the us is definately VERY lucky when it comes to adoption grants, and tax exemptions… One day I hope to start a matching grant for Canadians, has for now we will press on and do what it takes to finally bring our child number four HOME!!!

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