A good year.

Of course, we’ve had some ups and downs, but all in all it’s been a pretty good. The absolute highlight was obviously when Autumn became a part of our lives, but we have had some other fun times traveling, spending time with friends and family, as well as the other basic things in life.

This Christmastime has been fun. Christmas morning together with just us 4 was pretty fun. Lots and lots of presents, Santa came, and then we went to “Enjoy” for dinner Christmas night. The next day we hopped a plane to Colorado and have been spending time with Kyle’s family in both Ft. Collins and Vail. We did a late Christmas morning with the Carson’s on the 27th and then the next day I was able to spend 4 hours at a restaurant with one of my dearest friends, Jalene. You know those people you haven’t seen in so long, but when you get together, it’s like you haven’t missed a beat? Ya, that’s Jalene and I. I’m pretty lucky to have a friend like her, and it’s fun to see her especially this time of year.

The last 2 days we have had a fun time up in the town where Kyle and I got married. Vail, obviously, is a special place for us, and we love staying there whenever possible. (So we try and con our families into taking us whenever we are in town for long periods of time:) We had fun the past couple days watching River learn to ski as well as enjoying the mountain and the town ourselves. That town truly is amazing.

So to finish off my last post of 2011, I’ll tag on the letter that I sent out this year with our holiday card. But, I have to say, I am looking forward to next years letter, and all the wonderful possibilities that it may bring!

Happy new year friends!


Winter Greetings!

With the first of many snowfalls on the ground, I have become thoughtful about the incredible year that has passed. As most of you know, in the beginning of January we were matched for the third time with a birth mom in Utah. Even with our skeptical hearts, Autumn was born and entered our lives on February 6th, 2011, and the adoption papers were signed on February 7th. Getting to know Autumn and her birth mom was a humbling and amazing experience, one that will always be remembered and cherished. Let’s just say this past thanksgiving our family knew something (or someone) to be very thankful for.

As the year rolled on, both Kyle and I were able to take time off of work to get to know our new daughter, and River, in his own little boy way, has gotten to know his new sister. He is the only one in the family that can automatically get her to laugh… like really laugh, but he is also the one that taught her how “funny” it is to crawl over things, like other babies at her daycare. Oh, what a ride parenting can be. 🙂

A quick snapshot of the kiddos: River is currently obsessed with coloring, space, maps and pirates. Autumn is crawling, pulling up on anything she can get her hands on, and madly in love with daddy. Yes, she is 100% a daddy’s girl.

Speaking of daddy, Kyle is working hard at St. Olaf and taking classes (not easy ones, mind you!) when he has spare time. This past summer, he and one of the bridesmaids from our wedding, Erin, went on a trip to California to hike the John Muir trail. The pictures they took were absolutely amazing, and the pure simplicity of the hike sounded wonderful. “We got up, ate, walked, and slept”. I have to admit I was more than a little jealous of how peaceful his summer was.

As for me, I made sure to spend that time up in the Adirondacks and Colorado with family (aka: help) to enjoy some of the other wonderful “homes” we have been blessed with. I am still working on my dissertation… and was hoping to get my proposal passed before the end of the year, but alas, that is looking less and less possible. Guess that is what happens when the only time you have available is with 2 little angels at your feet. No complaining here.

Unfortunately this year both Kyle and I lost some wonderful grandparents who made our lives more complete. Their deaths have made both of us think a little more about how precious life is, and how every second with the ones we love is something to truly appreciate. Through both of their lives, and their passing, they have given us what an educator calls, many ‘teachable moments’. Thank you for all those special moments, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Pat.

You’ve taught us so much.

As for Inu, he is good. Getting older, but unfortunately better at killing small animals around our home. Needless to say the dog can get pretty smelly.

So, life is good, kids are crazy, and I miss you all tons. Thank you for your friendship, your love, and all of your support. If you get this letter- you mean more to us than you know.

Sent with huggies and lovies, Erin, Kyle, River, Autumn & Inu


2 thoughts on “2011

  1. Your family takes the most beautiful pictures!!! Happy New Year to some of my most favorite people! Lots of love to the Laughery Carsons!

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