The Season at Hand

I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve last written. Like Truly written. In the meantime lots of frustrating, wonderful, emotional events have taken place in my life. Some I will speak to here, and some I won’t. Life right now is good, but complicated. Which I think is true to the season at hand. There is something about winter that makes it just that- good but complicated. The snow outside is beautiful, the cold makes you appreciate the warm indoors, and the complication comes with getting all the coats and hats on before you walk outside, and the difficulty in finding a zillion things to do that are NOT outside. Yep, it’s a good yet difficult time of year.

To begin with the good, this past weekend I spent in Buffalo with much family and friends at my beautiful cousin Katie’s wedding shower. It was such fun to be there with people I love and care so much about. I was able to stay at my Aunt Debbie’s new, and beautiful house and cozy up in bed with cousin Kate where we just stayed up most of the night talking. On the day of the shower I loved seeing her light up with all her family and friends surrounding her. She made out like a bandit too. Can’t forget to mention that.

During the weekend I brought Autumn along with me to enjoy her first ‘all girls’ wedding shower. Although she was sick as a dog the week before, she brought out her smiles while in NY. Although I have to say she did it from afar. She wanted nothing to do with anyone else but me (and sometimes, my cousin Kate).  It was flattering for sure, but completely exhausting. It made me appreciate Kyle more than I normally do.

As for some other goods, I have to put in a little snippet here about how my teaching contract finally got settled. I was getting mighty worried there, but am glad things are done in that neck of the woods. I have some other news on the job front, but that will be a later post.

Next week also marks Autumn’s first birthday. It is amazing to me how far we have come since one year ago today. I can’t wait to see my little girl dig into her cake for the first time. I have a feeling she will love it. I have planned a fun little party for her and some of her friends (and to be honest here, many of mine) which we are all looking forward to. We are doing an ice cream/cupcake theme.  I have a feeling that my waistline is not going to get smaller no matter how much work I do for the party that day.

The “difficult” part of the winter so far has been just surviving. Honestly, it has been the mildest winter I can ever remember since being here in Minnesota, so really, I shouldn’t complain. I am just looking forward to the day where I can be happy sitting outside again. I really do struggle with this land of white- especially after all of the holiday hubbub is over.

As for our Rwandan adoption- that too has been a struggle. We have made the decision to try and sever our ties with the agency we have been working with. It was a yucky decision- but one I think is best. We are working now with an independent POA who has been very helpful. We are happy with our decision, but also a little scared. We still have no idea on any sort of timeline… could be tomorrow or next year. Only time will tell.

Winter (the dog) has also been a wonderful companion, but one that is struggling with potty training. He is getting better, but still has accidents (most notably in his crate at night- ick) so although he makes up for his “mistakes” with some good doggy-love, I still get a little stressed out when I find sh–  in the morning. It’s just not a pleasant way to start off your day.

This time of year has brought other various emotional difficulties, nothing I can’t handle, but still difficult nonetheless. Let’s just say that right now I am looking forward to spring days, walking outside, fresh air and the newness that comes with springy green life.

But, since we are here, in a mild Minnesota winter, I will sit and appreciate the quiet contemplation that comes with the season. So here’s to you, winter, and all that you bring.

Auntie Katie giving some lovin' at her shower...

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