mommy time

We all need it…

all us mommies out there  who feel like we are pulling 2 full time jobs- one inside the home and one out. (Or those super-mom’s who are full-time mommies, I don’t know how you do it- I bend down and kneel to those who have the patience for a job such as that.)

So I have been lucky to get mommy time on a regular basis with my rockin’ mommies group here in Northfield. Many times we head out to the local drink shop {bar} and grab a few satisfying drinks and have a few laughs. My sanity would be much worse than it already is if it weren’t for those nights.

But even better was a couple weekends ago when I headed out to Chicago for my beautiful cousin’s bachelorette party. I was in charge since I’m the matron of honor in a few months, so there was nothing TOO distasteful at this enjoyable get together. (For example, the only “male-organ” shaped thing that showed up was the dessert that I had nothing to do with- which is kinda too bad cause it was super funny).

Anyway, the first weekend in March I got the go-ahead from Kyle and the kiddos to head off to Chicago and have some much needed “girl-time”. I met my sis-in-law at the airport and the fun started there. We headed to the hotel and were looking forward to a really good nights sleep before a big Saturday- but alas, I think the mommies in us were still on kid-time and even after going to bed later then we had in years (like, midnight), our internal clocks still woke us up at 6:30 am. Rats.

The rest of the day was filled with shopping and hanging, and the night was fun with drinks and a ‘dueling piano par’ (if you’ve never been to one of those, I HIGHLY recommend it- they are one of my favorite things to do after the sun goes down). The next day Beth and I explored some sights in the windy city- which really lived up to its name that weekend- and even with the lack of sleep- I recharged with some very special girls.

Mommy-time. We need it, we love it, and it makes us better people and mommies. I’m tellin’ ya girls- don’t slack on your mommy time.

(and that weekend made me super excited for my upcoming mommy trip this summer to Hawaii. SO exited!)

Here are a few pics from the weekend-

more pictures from the weekend are here. beware. 🙂


4 thoughts on “mommy time

  1. Erin, you added so much to the wedding plans by arranging time with everyone in Chicago and we are all grateful
    Even us older Mommies need so time to unwind.
    I love you bunches..

  2. Ahhh…so wish I could have met you since I live here in Chicago! Looks like you had a great time! Mama nights (and weekends) are the best.

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