The joy of a neon green exit sign

Some of you may think I am getting all philosophical with the title of this post- but I’m not. Instead, I am being the exact opposite, quite literal, in fact. In this post, yes, I am going to talk about the joy of a neon green exit sign.

While waiting sort of impatiently for our room to get cleaned at the beautiful Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii, I took the opportunity to explore with my newly walking daughter. My dad always reminds me to open my eyes to the wonders my children behold no matter how boring they seem to me, so I spent some time wandering around following a 14 month old.

The first, and one of the most fascinating things she seemed to discover was the neon green exit sign. She went back to it like 5 times till she could finally move past it and discover the textured wall paper. Beyond that was getting to the fun part… The waterfall! A small little waterfall might seem quite boring to the “me-that’s-not-following-a-toddler-around” but with Autumn’s insight I saw the beauty that it gave the place surrounding it.

At that time we took a moment to recognize the pretty Hawaiian music that was playing in the background and we had a little dance party. Time well spent.

Off to the pool of water and rocks. Never have they been so beautiful and alluring. No fish inside, but ripe for sticking our foot in and almost our whole selves. Well, that is if mommy hadn’t stopped her. But alas, society says (and most likely hotel management) that this pool was not for swimming. Don’t worry little girl, we’ll get you to a lake soon.

Then time to explore the plants, and every person who walked by. The flirty smile on her face as each person passed by reminded me how each one of us is beautiful and unique. Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a 1 year old to remind me of that too.

On to the elevators for a ride and another hallway to explore. Pushing the stroller was the new game of the minute, and with a little bit of mommy’s help off to the finished room we go. This time mommy took over and demanded a nap.

Bummer for both of us. This world is a pretty cool place to explore.


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