days you don’t wanna forget

The past few days with River have been priceless.

To be honest, in the past River has not been the best with “ball” sports. We have consistently been participating in the local ymca programs and although River more or less enjoys them, he does not excel in them. (But to make sure to give him credit- he is an amazing swimmer, runner, and loves gymnastics- so it just seems to be a “ball” thing).

Any-hoo, I tentatively signed him up for the Northfield Youth baseball League’s t-ball program. To say the least I was worried that I would be spending $55 for a too-big t-shirt and hat, but thankfully I was mistaken. Watching him in practice last thursday made my heart feel good watching how the coaches and kids were great with him (even with his lack of skills) and how happy he was. At the end of the practice he told me that it had been a “real good day that was just getting better”.

Boy, he knew how to make his momma feel good.

I sure do love my boy.


One thought on “days you don’t wanna forget

  1. How wonderful. He is such a neat kid and so thoughtful and full of life. I think he will surprise us all with each new step he takes.

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