Life goes too fast…

And, apparently, so does my son.

I had to write a post about the amazing accomplishment that River achieved the other week while in Colorado for memorial day. I still can’t get over it, yet completely believe it even though I was there. I thought he could do it, but as the day got closer my doubts grew. Guess he proved me very wrong!

One of my favorite days in Boulder, Colorado is memorial day. It is on that day the town blocks off many of its main streets to cars and opens it up to 50,000+ runners/joggers/walkers for the annual Bolder Boulder 10K race. River actually did his first race before he was the age of 1, but as you could imagine it was on the backs of his parents.

Last year, when Grandma passed away much of my family including myself unfortunatly had to miss it. Kyle was luckily able to still do it and again, carry river most of the way. River loved it, Kyle said, and especially loved running accross the finish line. This year though, Kyle was not there, and there was no way I was going to lug my almost 5-year-old over six miles. If he was going to do it, he was going to do it on his own.

We prepped him, did a couple walks to practice (although not much) and we got him as excited as humanly possible.

On the day of the race though, I carried him to the starting line. (At that moment panic was flashing though my mind- like serious panic!)

But, once we got to the starting line, and there were thousands of people, his mood began to change. Then the starting gun went off for our wave, and it was our turn to begin.

You wanna know how he did it? Well, it helped that he had some encouragement:

This poster was on his back the whole way- therefore every 30 seconds throughout the race you would hear someone say, “Go River!” Ya, that was huge.

and he had a few hands to hold:

Pap joined Grammie, I and River at the end. Got him super excited to cross the finish line!

but he did the whole thing By himself. He did it from encouragement, and knowelge that we were there for him, but he never whined. Not ONCE. He never asked to be picked up. He never wanted to sit down and rest. He instead wanted to run to every flag, have a small drink at every water station, and give high 5’s (seriously) to every person on the sideline. He was a ROCKSTAR.

Ya, that’s my kid. 🙂



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