a wonderful age and a wonderful boy

Dear River,

I can’t believe you turned 5!

You have no idea how big you’ve become, both in maturity as well as size. You really seem like a boy now. It’s weird how time flies. That saying never meant anything till I had you, and now of course watching you grow. Hopefully someday you’ll see how much meaning that saying has when you watch your kiddos grow.

Last summer River, well, you were a little difficult. You were much more prone to tantrums and getting mad when you didn’t get what you wanted. Now, well, that still happens, but you have truly grown up. Your maturity has sky-rocketed showing a nice, funny, silly and happy boy. You obviously want to please your friends and family but you still really like to have fun. And you mostly like to have fun with us, which we all appreciate.

This year for your party you wanted a “rocket/space” theme which we had some fun with. It was the first year since you were one where we had your party on your actual birthday. It was a very fitting theme for the 4th of July! You had so much fun with your friends and we had a blast watching. We finished the night with a bang watching fireworks with your friend Claire and her family. It was special.

Riv-man, I am so proud of all you’ve become. You are a fantastic brother and friend. You create art that it beautiful and fun. You make up songs that are silly and clever. Your reading is growing by leaps and bounds right before our eyes, and you still are not ashamed when I give you hugs and kisses in public. Actually, you still seem to love it.

Happy birthday to a wonderful kid. I love you more than the hottest sun and the most beautiful rainbow!


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