The Katniss Everdeen in all of us

I was SUPER excited for the Hunger Games movie to come out. Like, Really. I know, a little pathetic since I have already seen the movie and read the book, but since I saw the movie first, and THEN read the book I was needing to get my hands on that movie asap. And, I did.

Part of the reason I couldn’t wait for my Netflix DVD to come in the mail is because of my love of the heroine, Katniss. In short, as all of you know who have read the books, SHE IS AMAZING. In long, well, I believe there are parts of Katniss that’s in all of us. She encompasses pieces of all of our souls that can be caring, heart wrenching, beautiful, sad, frustrating, and in the end, loving.

I don’t think I would have felt such a kinship to Katniss had I not become a mother. The pain and protection that she feels for her sister and the ones close to her are heart wrenching. As a mother that feeling is endless. The protection you feel to take care of your kids makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do- most notably, put their life before yours.

Just a week ago my dear son had a few accidents that led to a hospital visit and then plastic surgery to fix up the gaping hole he had on his forehead. When the “mishaps” took place both Kyle and I felt crazy. We would have done anything to make those incidents NOT happen, but the absolute responsibility that we felt for his safety was almost unbearable. I wish at the moment when he split open his head, that I was the one that could have taken the fall, just as Katniss did for her sister.

But, we are not in a movie, no matter how much I wish we were.

Her character also at times seemed void of emotion to get through the hurdles. Who hasn’t done that before? If your life takes a terrifying turn, shutting down is a common way to go. IT’S OKAY.  Sometimes we as people need time to process and understand the difficulties that we experience.  Both Kyle and I had that moment last week. Thankfully it wasn’t at the same time.

But in those moments of need, Katniss let people in. She felt responsible for others and when the worst happened she let her feelings give.  She showed strength and guts and venerability and love. Don’t we all wish we could respond like that?

I think many of us would.

We are all full of love. Fear, too. Yes a healthy bit of fear, (which isn’t necessarily bad!) but I think many of you out there who feel responsible for someone else, whether it be a child, a parent, or a friend has it in us to reveal that inner strength. I made it through River’s injury without puking (just barely) and Kyle fixed him up and did everything he could except put him in a bubble. Now, although this is just one incident, (and not a fight to the death) and in the end a sorta small one (even though at the time that wasn’t how it felt), a little bit of Katniss shone through.

Mostly though, through the eyes of our son.

There is so much courage in each of us. There is a “Katniss” in every person.

We just have to believe in ourselves.

My brave little boy.

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