12 months

The next 12 months are going to be ones that I won’t be able to relive again until the kids are out of the house and I am happily retired. As most of you know, I am taking off this year of teaching so I can write my dissertation (main reason) as well as spend every Friday with Autumn and volunteer at River’s kindergarten classroom every once in awhile.

Oh, and do yoga. Ya, get some exercise in there too.

As the school year was starting to begin I was having dreams. Yep, dreams that I should be in school but I wasn’t there. Weren’t those dreams supposed to end after I finished high school? Well, apparently not since something of that sort went on for almost a week before school began. But, when school started, I didn’t go. I guess my dreams weren’t that far off.

I have been incredibly productive, seriously. One of my future posts on here is going to have to do with asking people to take part in my research, so I still have quite a bit to go, but I’m almost done (need to do a rewrite and get an editor) with my proposal. Then I can really get cracking.

This time to sit and write, as I have now for a good week and a half, has been AMAZING. I love it. I get antsy after 4ish hours but the amount of work I have accomplished has been unbelievable. Let’s see how quickly I can get this puppy done!

The flexibility has also done me good so far, let’s just hope I can keep it up. I am so appreciative for having this opportunity, as well as the support from my family and friends to just “do it”. Every day goes by and I am thankful.

Now, I better get to work.


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