River’s Characters

River has quite the imagination. I lovingly joke that he has a very active imagination or is showing an onset of multiple personalities. Although I hope it is the first one, I have been struck by the fun he has when these “characters” come out of their hiding spaces, and in the end am just happy he shares these guys with us.

His current characters are as follows:

Cicell- An old man who is “so old that he’s young”. He walks with a cane (upside down golf club) and has a squint in one of his eyes. He currently resides in our mudroom.

Ding Ding- Is friends with Cicell. I hear a lot about Ding Ding but I don’t see him often. Not quite sure what’s up with him.

Uncle Jaynen- The rock star. Uncle Jaynen appears with sunglasses and some pretty sweet dance moves. He’s world famous. (Haven’t YOU heard of him?)

Aidenpuff- He is a turtle who walks on two legs really fast. Like, REALLY fast!

That’s all I can remember for now… check back later and I’ll make sure with River that I haven’t missed any.

There are just some things that you don’t want to forget about your kids childhood. THIS is definitely one of them!


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