Adoption bloggers {and non-bloggers!) ALL CALL!

So many of you know that the topic for my dissertation research has to do with adoption and blogging. Currently, my dissertation is titled: “Blog Therapy; How a social media has created and supported a community for prospective adoptive parents.” There are many reasons why I wanted to research this topic. First, I think it’s interesting. Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon that has spread like wildfire. People with all sorts of interests (seriously, you think of it, you’ll find it) blog about whatever it is they are passionate about. For me, it began with pregnancy, and then went on to blog about adoption. Seemed logical since that was the path my life was taking me.

But, when I started this whole blog thing many years ago I had no idea that it would take me this far. I had NO idea that during the process of adoption I would start searching for other people like myself, who were going through the frustration and pain of adoption. But, as you can tell, I did. I found, through my own blog and searching though others blogs, a community of people who were looking for answers, looking for support, and looking for someone to connect to.

Currently, I still read blogs written by those parents who were trying to adopt from Nepal and Rwanda like we were. I have followed along with their stories of hardship and joy and frustration and happiness. And, although I have never met many of them, I celebrate and sympathize with them whenever they share. I eagerly poor over their blogs to see what is currently going on in their lives, and their children’s lives, even though my adoption process (and possibly theirs) is over.

This blogging thing has made quite the impression on me.

So- I am looking for ‘subjects’. 🙂 Adoptive, or prospective adoptive moms and dads who have both blogged about their experience, and NOT blogged about their experience. I am curious how people found a community of support while trudging though such a crazy process.

If you’re interested, please email me at: erinelcarson at yahoo dot com and let me know your info. I’m hoping to get 3 bloggers and 3 non bloggers to help me out. All you would have to do is say that you will sit down with me, let me buy you coffee or lunch, and let me record probably 2 interviews (more if needed) about your experience (promise that each interview won’t last more than an hour!) Since I’d really like to do it in person, I’d love Minnesota or Colorado participants, but I welcome others if interested. I am not teaching this year. I may just need to go somewhere cool to do an interview.

Thanks for considering it! I can’t wait to see what you all have to say!



4 thoughts on “Adoption bloggers {and non-bloggers!) ALL CALL!

  1. I would love to help! …..but I live in Indiana. It’s not just the writing of your own blog, but it is the reading of the others that are on the same rollercoaster journey. I just left a comment on a blog that we both follow that says that I wish we could all get together and just hug each other and say, “We made it!” I feel like I know each person even though we are strangers. Good luck on your paper!

  2. still need more guinea pigs? i am in. a non blogger but social media fiend… especially when it comes to passions like adoption! i will share this with other big adoption bloggers i know out there.

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