Holidays gone by

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted, and there has been some serious activity in our household.

The last time I posted was after my brother Colin’s first trip to the Kona Ironman world championships. Since that time, he has done another Ironman (which I was lucky to be able to go and attend) and he made Kona AGAIN. People, it is HARD to make Kona. Like, really hard. The course he did in Florida was pretty “easy” (I guess compared to others) and he did it in 9 hours and 10 minutes. That is truly an amazing time.

Also while in Florida I not only got the pleasure of watching my brother be tortured for over 9 hours, but I also got to watch my sis-in-law (Yes, Colin’s amazing wife, Beth) participate in her first ever Ironman. She rocked her time and I have a feeling that this was not the last of her Ironman attempts. I was so proud of her and Colin that day. They, and all the others who started, attempted or finished the course were more than inspiring.

Which leads me to my next goal, a marathon.

On the plane home I was sitting behind  woman who was talking about her Ironman experience. She said something that got me thinking. She said how it felt so good just watching her kids cheer her on. They had supported her in her training and her race, and that they had said how they wanted to do something like that when they got older. I know my kids are young, and a marathon is only a part of an Ironman, but I hope to give some of that inspiration to my kids.

Plus, it was Kyle’s idea first. Being such a goal oriented person he decided to do a marathon this past fall and I thought it was awesome. He truly was the person who initially inspired me to try and do this, and this lady on the plane was the final ace in the hole. Now, I am not planning on running the whole thing, but a few months ago even walking it sounded nuts.

So my hope is that my 35th year will be a good one. Complete a marathon and finish my dissertation? Keep your fingers crossed. If I can do those 2 things I will be thrilled.

As for the dissertation I am on track. I defended my proposal right before thanksgiving and happily passed. Yea! Now I’m fixing up my proposal a little and doing my data collection. I found some great people to participate in my study which is awesome.

As for the holidays, both Halloween and Thanksgiving passed by. They were wonderful holidays spent with friends and family. On Halloween day the kids were adorable. River was Jake (from Jake and the neverland pirates) and Autumn (cause she doesn’t really care) was Izzy from the same show. On Halloween night we had some serious fun with friends and tromped around the neighborhood for a good amount of time with in the end gave Kyle and I a good amount of candy. (Which doesn’t help with the marathon thing).

Going around to houses that night was funny with the kids. River kept asking for just one more (we had to have a little talk after we figured that out) and Autumn got into trading candy (with the people handing it out). We didn’t mind. Figured it was better for our waistline and good for her practice of sharing. Plus it was adorable. Truly adorable. Those two are just about as cute as it can get.



The week before thanksgiving we were able to enjoy our annual Thanksgiving with friends meal. Jenia and Emily put on such a wonderful and fun time for all of us to celebrate and be thankful for the friends we have in our lives. I think we are at the point now where there may be more kids than adults… Scary!

Friends Thanksgiving Fuse

Thanksgiving week was great. We traveled to Colorado to be with Kyle’s family and went up to Breckenridge to ski and have a little R&R. We had a wonderful time all together eating, playing and chilling. Autumn and River made a good friend with their cousin Weston with was super fun to watch. Autumn and Weston even traveled around holding hands. Talk about cute.

Weston and Autumn holding hands
River at the end of his ski lesson. After his second day of skiing we all did a run together! We were so proud getting on the lift with him. He has come so far!

I have to say there has been so much joy in these past few months. Now looking to all the fun times ahead of us gets me more and more excited! Happy Holidays all!

Kiddos giving Santa their Christmas wish-list after Northfield Montessori’s holiday concert.


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