going through the trenches

The trenches of a dissertation, that is.

Don’t get me wrong, this year off has not been a constant trial. On the contrary, it has been more than wonderful. I have to say, it has been especially great  the last few months while I have been collecting data (aka: interviewing fellow adoptive mommas). These past few months I have spoken to some amazing women who have some incredible stories. Being me I LOVE this part of my dissertation. Spending time with other mommas who “get it” is so refreshing.

I even used doing an interview as an excuse to go to Chicago this last weekend to also visit family.

SO much fun.

The kids got to play with my cousins Sean and Daniel, spend time with their parents (my aunt and uncle) Tim and Lynne as well as visit my Grandpa Ken and his wife Brenda.

AND, I finally got to meet an amazing momma whose blog I have been following for almost 5 years. Meeting her was complete icing on the Chicago cake. As a friend noted on a facebook post of mine: I am on “quite a journey”. So very true.



Old friends first time meeting!
Old friends first time meeting!

SO- many people are asking when I am going to get this thing done. Well, my hope is to defend it by April because if I don’t defend it then I won’t be able to walk until next May. Possible? Yes. Difficult? Yes. Can this happen? I sure hope so.

Basically, Once all my data is collected (should be done by mid-February) then I will have a month and a half before I need to have my data analyzed and written up. Oh ya, and the entire dissertation defended. Hm.

It’s been fun recently, but I think come mid-February I will be holed up in coffee shops and college library’s or whatever trench I can find to help keep myself focused.

Wish me luck.

funny how the ones who sometimes drive me insane also keep me sane
funny how the ones who sometimes drive me insane also keep me sane

5 thoughts on “going through the trenches

    1. Lisa it was so much fun finally meeting you. I really, TRULY hope to visit Chicago sometime again soon so we can meet up! (OR if you are ever in my area… you are sooo welcome!) Thanks again! Our time together was special!

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