It’s been awhile…

So much has happened. I haven’t written much since all my writing energy has been focused on my dissertation, which is in it’s last stages. Hopefully soon I can write an Ed.D. after my name! And the best part of this? If you look up the definition of an Ed.D., it says that it is a TERMINAL degree. Yep- I’m done. Well, with getting degrees at least. Well, at least doctorate degrees, I’d really love to get that International Leadership Masters degree…

Oh sheesh. Stop me now.

Since I’ve last written anything of substance, we have traveled a little bit- went to may favorite place on EARTH, Disney World (no lectures please, I love love love traveling to amazing places all over the globe, but there is just something about Disney…) Autumn turned 2 (post about that soon to come), I turned 35 a few days later, and Kyle and I have been running our tushies off to get ready for this silly thing called a marathon. Well, I’m gunna try a half-marathon in mid April with some good friends and see how that goes. We’ll see how I feel from there. 😉

Otherwise I have been holing up at home in my special little space with my laptop and the occasional Cadbury Egg. After some of those runs I feel like I deserve it.

As for my children, they are good. We are in the midst of figuring out where River is going to go to Kindergarten. Yes, he is in Kindergarten now but with the suggestion from his teachers we are having him repeat it. One of the reasons he did Kindergarten at the Montessori was so that we could have that option. We are not sure where he is going to go yet, but we should know in the next few weeks.

Autumn is going to start pre-school a little early next fall. THAT should be a kick!

As for the next few weeks we have another trip to see my parents planned for Easter-time. Thankfully that means time in Hawaii again. I can never get enough of that place. No surprise that it just got ranked number 1 for the “happiest state in the nation”. Who in their right mind could ever be sad there for very long?

Back to Disney- I have to say that I loved it with these ages of kiddos. River was SO happy there. Autumn, well, I was a little worried about- but as long as we didn’t wake her up from a nap to go eat (she would be a terror at dinner if so) then the days were easy-peesy-lemon-squeezy.
Exhausting, yes, but a blast.

Pics below of our magical time.

Autumn's first ride ever! The new little mermaid ride! She (believe it or not) was so happy!
Autumn’s first ride ever! The new little mermaid ride! She (believe it or not) was so happy!
River meeting Belle!
River meeting Belle!
These kids LOVE Ariel!
These kids LOVE Ariel!
Mommy in Beauty and the Beast heaven!
Mommy in Beauty and the Beast heaven!
River dressed as Jake!
River dressed as Jake!






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