Today my first born is 6.

So hard to believe that much time has gone by.

Last night when I was thinking of that time 6 years ago, all I could think of was the future. So, for River’s 6th birthday, I have made a wish list for him.

-I wish for him to enjoy his childhood. To play and find joy in the little things we all seem to forget about when we’re adults.

-I hope he keeps playing chess. I suck at chess. He rocks. I think that’s pretty cool.

-I hope he finds a forever friend in his sister. And nemesis. Well, nemesis as a kid but friend at the same time. Really, I just hope they always just have fun together!

-I hope he is as comfortable with his naked body in the future as he is today. But maybe be a little more conscious about when being naked is appropriate. 🙂

-I hope he finds good friends. Nice friends. Easy to be with friends, that also make good choices. Just like I hope he does.

-At the same time I hope he makes mistakes and learns from them. Lets keep those mistakes simple through Riv. Nothing too crazy, please.

-I hope he wants to go on crazy adventures with his mother for his entire life. We could have some fun.

-I hope he likes school. And doesn’t get too stressed out with it. I hope he finds that happy medium of trying hard and having fun with his education. And I hope I can be the mom that fosters that way of thinking.

-I hope he lives, like truly lives. I hope as he grows older he remembers when he was 6 and embraces all those memories to help him really live in the present.

Live, Love and Laugh Riv-man. That’s what I want from you. Lots of that.

Happy birthday baby boy.



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