Yes, I’ve been on a blog-free hiatus these past few months. Sorry about that for the 2 of you who actually read this from time to time, but a few things happened so fast I couldn’t even comprehend my day to day happenings in my own brain let alone write it down on paper.

I guess a little time has passed, so I’ll give it a shot.

Ok- I’ll admit I’m at a loss on where to start. Catching up on my life these past few months? Sure, I wrote about our 10-year anniversary milestone at the beginning of August (which we will technically be celebrating in a few weeks ALONE in MEXICO) but since that time I have been pretty still.

Well, let me begin this particular blog with a job update. Although most (probably all) of you that read this are my friends, family or online facebook buddies, you then know that the Friday (Yes, FRIDAY) before I was supposed to go back to school I saw a position open at Northfield High School which is not even a mile away from my house.

I heard about this posting at 9am, and by 3pm I had a job interview and an offer.

Holy-rolly smokies.

Yep, I took it (after lots of conversations with my Lakeville HR people and the principal at Northfield High)- and I am happy for it.

Tired, but happy.

my new space.
my new space.

Totally forgot that the last time I changed jobs I was what, 23??!! 12 years and 2 kids later I think my energy level has changed a bit. Oh ya, and priorities too. But I have to say I feel more and more blessed every day. Educators (in all the schools I ever worked at- which I guess isn’t saying much but whatever) are pretty freakin’ amazing. They are generous, supportive, caring and funny. I have been given a LOT of support from other rockin’ social studies teachers here, and had a lot of hugs and well-wishes when leaving CMS.

So, yes,  daily life has changed a bit but I am also very happy where I am at this point. Someday I hope to move up to a college level (I think) but for now this is such a great fit. So as the cute little sign behind my desk says…


I promise to write soon and update you on the kiddos and all their changes (both good and bad *UGH*) very, very soon… ~e


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