a gift.

1379754_10201677037984182_997000110_nThis past long weekend Kyle and I left the kids for a vacation with out them. (gasp!) Believe it or not it is the first time that he and I have been able to go out and explore the world together since 7 years ago when we went to Europe on a “pre-baby moon”.

That’s a long time.

Yes, it was relaxing. Sleeping in, spending 2 hours at breakfast just talking about the day and our lives are things that have been in our past- not our present. Most mornings as parents of young children consist of getting up early (whether you want to or not) feeding the kiddos (then yourselves) and then finding ways to occupy these small humans. THAT has been the name of our game for over 6 years now.

Call me crazy but I love those days, but I also appreciate the peacefulness that comes with the quiet mornings like these that just includes me and my spouse.

Before we had kids I remember some advise from my parents- “remember who came first.” Meaning, Kyle and I. Although our children are the center of our world right now, keeping our relationship a top priority should BE top priority. And to be honest we haven’t done that, and then life got HARD. But now, after figuring each other out a little bit better, and consciously working on “us”, I believe we are back on the good track. And this past weekend solidified that.

Now sure, I totally annoyed him this weekend here and there, and he irked me a few times too. But that’s totally understandable since there were no kids around to distract us. I mean really, what did we do before river and autumn??? Seriously, what did we do???!!!

With no kids around we were finally able to have fun and appreciate the the beautiful land and history of Mexico as well as each other. Although we weren’t that gross couple on the beach making out (ick!) we TRULY enjoyed each other’s company. (Well, at least I enjoyed his:)

What a fun anniversary gift to each other.

The gift of each other.

ps- this post and it’s content would not be possible without the help, love and support of grammie and pap, and gramma and papa. We kids love our parents and our children love their grandparents! Thank you!




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