Wednesday night sanity.

These past few months we have taken up a new Wednesday night ritual. The church that we go to in town offers every (yes, every) Wednesday night a free dinner and play time for kids.


I feel like a mooch. Granted, almost every week I put a little money in the “donation” bin, and I have volunteered to watch the kids, but I just feel almost, well, spoiled when I go. Not only do I get dinner made for me, served, and then cleaned up, but  there also is a place where kids can play after dinner until bedtime.

For a mom of small children, that’s a second, “Woah.”

I know a lot of churches have things like this. But typically, I’m not a church-goer. It’s not that I don’t have a belief in God, but I just am not one to enjoy the “preaching” about it. When we moved to Northfield, Kyle and I decided to join a church not to find a place of worship, but to find a community. Although we have gone back and forth with our commitment to the church, it seems that with the discovery of this Wednesday night blessing, we are in full-swing.

Ok- except for actual Sunday worship. Still working on that.

In this time of year, when we think about things to be thankful for (even though the first thanksgiving was bull-crap and was only “thankful” for the pilgrims, since it was really the beginning of the end for the native Americans– but I digress) I am thankful, so much, for this community. For this reprieve from the week that has become a “given” and a happy, and easy time with family and friends.

I hope that churches, and other groups that provide such things for their community know how thankful their community members are.

It sure does take a village. Well, as long as you want all of the village members (aka the parents of small children in the village) to stay sane.


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