For many years now we have been blessed to be a part of a wonderful group of friends who put on a “friends thanksgiving” every year a week or 2 before the actual thanksgiving.

It is a wonderful tradition. As a family who has no “distant” family close by, it is nice to have something so consistent, so “homey” that is actually close to home. It’s been at least 8 or 9 years now since we have been a part of this, and I am so thankful for it.

As a kid, I always kinda scoffed “tradition”. Granted, I  loved most of it, but the things I thought of as “traditional” were not necessarily what I was excited about. It’s funny how that changes as you get older. Having gone to this “friends thanksgiving” since before River was born, and seeing the pictures of the years gone by, makes me appreciate the thing that I used to look down upon. Seeing my boy, and now my girl get older and grow with this consistent experience is something that truly gives me joy.

The longer I live, the more I understand.

Oooorrrr…… depending on the subject, it feel like less. But at least with this I feel like I’m going in the right direction.

group 2008
kids 2013
kids 2013
group 2013
group 2013



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