Riv-man’s Superpowers.

So… I missed yesterday. Doh! I’ll try and make it up today.

Sort of.

River wrote this one. He wanted me to write down all of his superpowers. So I did.

Wish I inherited (some of) these:

1. I can make a birthday cake in a second.
2 I have x-Ray vision.
3. And I can hear 20,000 miles away.
4. When I’m freezing I can never get cold.
5. I killed dinosaurs.
6. I’ll live forever.


I think number 1 is my fav.

Kids imagination rocks.


2 thoughts on “Riv-man’s Superpowers.

  1. i am a little upset with him for killing all of the dinosaurs – but am very excited that Riv will live forever – hes a fun one :

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