I miss my pup.

Christmas, 2011
Christmas, 2011

It’s been over 6 months, and I miss my pup every day.

Over 6 months ago he comforted me, All. The. Time. Over 6 months ago he slept in Inu’s “lap.” And played with him. And loved him. Over 6 months ago he gave joy to my children, and I probably watched him chase a stranger or two in front of my house.

And around 6 months ago my dog was murdered by an intruder looking for anything possible to keep his heroine addiction going.

I f’ing hate drugs.

I hate the fact that this person came in my house and killed my dog. And that he killed him because of something so addictive, yet so stupid. I found blood and feces on my wall. I found my dog dead with his eyes open.

And my children, my two small children, saw all of it.

They saw me freak out. They saw me run around the house screaming for our other dog to make sure he was okay. They saw that he wouldn’t come out of his crate for days. My two, very small children saw me wrought with grief and guilt thinking that this was MY fault. Somehow, that he had gotten out because I was careless. They heard me cry, they heard their mother- the person who they counted on to feed, bathe and love them, loose all sense because she didn’t understand what had just happened.

HOW could this happen.

And now we are waiting. Even with good, strong evidence that this person did what he did, we wait.

With him out on bail living 3 houses away.

No, we don’t see him often, but since this has happened the amount of “security” that has been upped in our house is more than I ever thought I would allow. I am not the type of person who does this. We are not.

But I miss my dog. And we feel violated.

I want this to be done. I don’t want to think about this any longer. But it keeps getting longer. And longer. And this person is on bail. Living 3 houses down.

You know those times in your life when you wish for things to be done and behind you? Ya, this is one of those times.


2 thoughts on “I miss my pup.

  1. Erin, I am so sorry this has happened to such a warm and peaceful family. I too wish Winter was still with you and your family. Cruelty is hard to understand….as well as the waiting for justice. Quite disturbing. My love to you all.

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