Oh, the holidays…

oh, the holidays…

Kyle noted after writing the last two blogs (which, yes, were quite depressing) I needed to end the year on a much lighter note. I figured, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that I would happily sit down and write one once school ended and Christmas has passed.

Little did I know that on Christmas eve I would be at the beginning stages of one of the nastiest colds/flu/pink (or maybe RED?) eye I have ever known about. Even the Dr. didn’t think it was pink eye but something much worse and sent me straight to the eye Dr. to make sure my eye wasn’t gunna burst or anything. But alas, it was the dreaded pink eye so the interaction with my dear friends and family that I miss so much all year long has been at a minimum.

So writing this blog has not been on the top of my list- but instead sleeping and laying in bed has. But today, on this last day of 2013- I am finally feeling  human. With very little fluid coming out of my body I feel like I can go out into the world again which I am itching (ha! you catch that joke??!!) to do.

Other than this pink eye crud our family has had a joyous season. Starting in November, for Thanksgiving we went to Disney World with my parents, brother, sis-in-law and nephew. So much fun! I have not been there with them in probably 6 years. I think I found most joy when all three kids were having fun and making memories together.

Argh Matey!
Arrrr Matey!

One night, we adults even got to go have some fun by going to Victoria and Alberts. Wow. That place was amazing and yummy! A good way to celebrate the holiday time, as well as Colin’s 30th birthday, my 35th, mom’s 60th and mom and dad’s 40th anniversary.

An awesome night out.
An awesome night out.

Plus, the kids were left with a real, live, 70-year old Mary Poppins. Gotta love Disney.

All in all it was just a fun and exciting place for all of us to be together. It was non-stop action and adventure and (for the most part) happy kids. Which would then equal happy adults. Smiles all around!

11242863426_0e2f17c1f3_bAfter our fun filled time in Disney we came back to the real world gearing up for Christmas which was all too close. We had our annual Holiday party which included Santa and many, many dear friends and their children. I don’t know what the final count was but we had roughly 24 adults and 30 kids in our house. With the kids getting THAT much bigger every year I am beginning to think that we need to move to a bigger house to host this party.

What? You think my priority’s are out of line? I’m serious people.

Happy Holidays.
Happy Holidays.

This year, being a teacher in Northfield has also altered my holiday rituals. I am SO thankful for all (and I mean ALL!) of the festivities and parties that were hosted by people from Northfield High School. I had at least 3 different things to attend because of my job! I feel so loved there. 🙂

After our grand Christmas morning where Santa came and presents were shared we hopped the plane to the state I miss so much. We have been playing (well, at least Kyle and the kids) in Colorado since the 26th (where I had a very funny looking eye patch on during the airplane ride since we weren’t sure what was going on with me at that point) and have celebrated Christmas 2 more times. Right now Kyle and the kids are at the Discovery Center in Fort Collins, and we have enjoyed time in Boulder with my family (and checking out the flood damage- Yikes!) and just tooling around our home state. It sure is a beautiful place.

pap and autumn

grammie riv


As for the year ahead, I am looking forward to it. For many reasons, but partly because a goal I have for this next year is to be content with what I have. Last year I had 2 new years resolutions: run a marathon and finish my dissertation. Those, my friends, are done. Now, with things where they are, I feel like I should relish in my accomplishments but all the while be on the look out for new ones to attend to.

Or heck- maybe we’ll just do something crazy. If you know me people, I may pull something out of the woodwork you may never expect!

Happy New Years! :)
Happy New Years! 🙂

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