little miss three year old.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Dearest Autumn,

My dear, stubborn, funny, goofy, spunky daughter is 3 today. Yes, 3! Where has the time gone! It feels like yesterday that I got the call to come and meet you. Three years and you are more of a marvel every single day. We love you more, cherish you more and realize how insanely lucky we are more and more every single day. We are so thankful that you and Mama R found us!

3 is quite the age though. Yes, my dear girl, as your daddy recently said, “Three doesn’t get a cute moniker like “terrible twos” because three doesn’t start with an “F”. 3 is a tough age, and you, dear one, are right smack dab in the middle of it.

But, on the flip side, you are amazing. You are SO verbal, SO silly, SO much fun to be with (as long as you’re in the right mood.) You are up to so much right now… so here’s a little snapshot.

You love to  be active. You are currently in gymnastics (a little higher of a class than your age suggests, because you are so “advanced” in your gymnastics abilities – so they say) You are also now in swim class, and running around happily and singing in music class. You and River keep us quite busy during the week!

You love Disney (yes, I think I had a strong part in that:) You know the name of almost every “princess” and especially love Ariel, Tiana, and Snow White. You are also in love with the music from Frozen- like every other child under 18 right now (and admittedly, this 35, almost 36-year-old too.) You also ask to go to Disney World and Hawaii almost every other day. Can’t blame you. I’ve never tried so truly hard to convince Daddy to move to Hawaii before. This winter sucks.

As for winter, you do NOT like the cold. You go outside with Daddy for no more than 5 minutes before you come in crying. Maybe you and I will be seasonal residents. Get out of this frozen tundra during these painful months.

You really like to pick out your clothes and love to take care of your babies. This whole girl thing is so new for me. Still trying to figure out if its society that makes you this way or your biology. Either way it’s pretty cute when you get super nurturing or you come out with your clothes matched all funny. With a sparkly skirt added on top. Love it.

You love cake. Needless to say you love the fact that it’s your birthday.

Your best friends (that I can gather) from school are Joey and Benjamin. You have some fun with lots of girls and boys at school. You are quite the social butterfly!

You suck at potty training. I thought we pretty much had it down. Ya, not so much. We have been using potty charts, a potty watch, and all sorts of other crazy tools. Not working so far, and I don’t think it’s because you can’t, it’s because you won’t.

You have a little OCD. You are pretty particular when you get a baby blanket. It needs to be spread perfect on the ground. Or like tonight, you had to have all of your blankets in your bed in the exact right spot. Pretty cute, and also, pretty weird.

Autumn, little miss 3-year-old, you put a smile on everyone you meet. We are so blessed to have you be a part of our lives! Happy *crazy* 3rd birthday baby girl!


One thought on “little miss three year old.

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday little sweetheart. You are absolutely THE BEST. You are so aware, so verbal, so happy or so I’ll show you. What a joy to see you grow into that little young lady that brings joy to everyone you meet. Love you forever and a day, Gramma

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