Dear Winter in Minnesota,

18 years ago (18 years ago!) I came to Minnesota for a little Um Ya Ya, and one of the bets I had with my Colorado friends was to see if, after swim practice (or whatever) I could get my hair so wet and so cold that it broke. Now, although I didn’t achieve that feat in those years past (but I remember a few times I got REAL close) I think, my dear Winter in Minnesota, that it would have easily happened this year.

But I would have gotten frostbite.

You see, Winter in Minnesota, I never planned on staying here. When leaving for college I never thought, for any reason, that 18 years later (geez- I need to stop putting that out there…) I would still be here. This is for many reasons, but honestly, one of the main reasons is because of YOU. I mean, what the heck? Ya ya, I’m a geography teacher and all so I understand the reasons why you are the way you are…. but honestly, it’s time to let up.

I am so done with you. Finished. My booggers have frozen for the last time. I don’t think I have ever “joked” so much and so seriously about moving to Hawaii. (If I could only convince Kyle of your nastiness then I would be on a more desirable track towards warmth, ocean, warmth and WARMTH!)

But no. He sees this as fun. Okay, the snow isn’t so bad, but does it ALWAYS have to come with negative this and negative that temperatures? SERIOUSLY!

I don’t think it’s just Disney’s marketing and music that has made Frozen our new favorite soundtrack. I think it’s our subconscious trying to find new ways to cope.


Okay, so you are giving me snow days (a teachers luxury) cozy fires, and cuddles from our kids. There is Kyle’s joy in cross country skiing (I need to take a go, I know) and the simple beauty of the snow slowly making it’s way down to earth. There is wonder in you, I know that. But don’t divert me.

It’s only February and we are on our 3rd snow day.

February? Ug, we have months of this left.

Well friends, if you don’t see me around for awhile . . .  Aloha.


ps. after writing this post we spent some time outside and had a little fun… okay… you’re not THAT bad. 😉


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