lazy mornings and sun kissed days

I guess after writing my dissertation I’ve wanted a true and utter break from writing. Or, most likely, I’ve become quite the lazy person.

I think it’s the latter.

I mean, my kids are now at an age where I can SLEEP IN. On weekend mornings, (and now summer mornings) they get up (River can not get up before 7:30- and Autumn usually doesn’t get up before then) and they head downstairs and watch some good ol’ Netflix. Kyle and I usually saunter downstairs around 8ish and slowly get the morning going.

Also, I take the kids to the beautiful Northfield pool on these lazy summer days and more often than not I just sit there while my kids play together or with other kids. I chat with friends and watch from the sidelines as my kids exhaust themselves- and I do nothing.

Running has been non-existent. But I have been enjoying yoga these last few weeks since school’s been out. Not sure where that puts me on the lazy scale.

But friends, this laziness is about to end, but that is for a later post.

A few months ago soon after Nana passed away my family got together in Hawaii to get a reprieve from the Minnesota crazy cold. Yes, we were on the way “up” when it came to temperature, but after this winter we could not get enough of a break. We enjoyed the sun and the time together to think about how blessed we are. I truly love being there with my family because we are good at JUST BEING TOGETHER.

How awesome is that?!





The end of the school year was crazy- but great. I truly love my students and my coworkers. There were days where I went home so emotionally drained. More than any day when I worked in the middle school. My high school kids have much more “real” problems- more adult problems. But being there for them was so fulfilling. Watching them learn was such a joy, and seeing them smile made my day. I feel so blessed to work in this school with these kids and staff in this amazing community. I love Northfield, I think I may just stay for awhile. 🙂

But here we are now. Enjoying our summer (finally) playing at the pool, basking in the sun, kids going to camp, and sleeping in. In a couple weeks it’s all going to change, but for now we are enjoying this relaxing time together.





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