The boy who made me a mom.

River 7
July 4, 2014- River is 7!

This boy.

River, time is going SO FAST. You just keep growing and becoming such a PERSON. Watching my oldest (you) get so much bigger and independent reminds me of my own mortality, and how short of a time I have to make a difference in your life. I hope I make a positive one- cause you sure have made a positive impact on mine.

As I sit here and write you are leaning up against me watching your favorite Netflix finds. You are still a cuddler and seem to have very little shame in kissing and hugging me in public. You are affectionate and sweet, and sometimes a little over sensitive. You are amazing with your sister and very forgiving of her (but we always hear you say, “Autumn, NEVER do it again!”) and then she drives you crazy less than 10 minutes later.

I hear stories from other parents who are able to come into your school and volunteer about you. Almost every story consists of how when they come into your classroom, you are quick to hold their hand or sit in their lap and listen to whatever book or activity you are about to partake in.

Although you are incredibly sweet- you have your crazy moments too. Much of the time this happens because you are hungry or exhausted where you become incredibly stubborn and whiny. I think this comes with the territory of being 6/7 years old, but we still have a little ways to go to get over it. I don’t think your sister helps with this one. Nope, not at all.

You are doing well with school. This past year in Kindergarten at Prairie Creek I saw a tremendous amount of growth. Most of this growth was emotional- learning to deal with friends, understanding what is appropriate in school, and all around social etiquette. I also saw the love of learning thrive which is exactly what I like to see in a K-1 classroom. I think your school and teacher have a lot to do with this, and I hope we help out a little with that too. But- that being said I know that your favorite time at school is “choice time” and “recess”, but it is a joy to hear that your favorite learning time is during “Math”. It is so fun to hear what you do at school every day- at least when I can get it out of you.

At this point in time, you love Pokemon, Legos, Ninjago and pool time. Your request for today was to go to the pool and then eat tonight at Chuck E Cheese. You enjoy plays so we are going with a few friends to a dinner and play tomorrow night for a little party. You thrive on relationships and live for playing with your friends. You struggle playing by yourself and are many times thankful for your sister to play with. Many times, but not all times. 🙂

You, my son, are amazing. I love you to the moon and back and I can’t imagine my life without you.

Happy Birthday Riv. I am so proud to call you my son!

July 4, 2007  The day I became a mom.
July 4, 2007
The day I became a mom.



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