Meadow, Part 1.

Meadow Rayne Carson, born July 5 at 10:39pm at 7lbs 3 oz by Mama N in San Antonio, Texas. Meadow entered into our family on July 7th almost exactly 48 hours after she was born.

So, what in the world happened?

Well, you’ll get the general jist if you read my previous blog here, but if you want the honest truth I (and Kyle) have had it in our heads that we may want three kiddos ever since the failed Nepal/Rwanda adoptions. The final straw was our ten-year anniversary in Mexico where we decided that if we do it we need to do it now or now at all.

I’m not getting any younger, you know.

After making the final decision in October to go ahead with our second domestic adoption we began on our homestudy paperwork. We got everything together by December/January and then our profile was ready to be shown to prospective birthmothers in February. We waited for a while but were finally asked to be shown to a birth momma in March. She passed us up, and then so did three more. By May, we were getting a little down trodden and wondering if I needed to redo our profile. I kept saying that if we weren’t matched and with a baby by the time our homestudy expired, then that was it, we would stay a happy family of four.

In that time though, we were given opportunities for many more birth moms than who we were actually shown to. We said no to at least seven or eight different situations/birth moms, which broke our hearts every single time. The situations consisted mostly of too many unknowns, possible birth defects, and mental illness within the birth family. Oh, and one was twins. Yah, THAT wasn’t going to happen.

I write about this part of the process because although it is not one I talk about often, it was HARD. I mean, part of the reason we chose to adopt a baby is because we wanted to give a home to a child who needed one. And those babies, whom we said no to, needed one. Saying no to these various babies and birth mommas was not something either Kyle or I did lightly, but we did it because we know ourselves, we know our limits, and we know our personalities. I wish I could say that we were strong enough, stable enough, GOOD enough, but we just aren’t. I guess I’m okay with that, but it’s also something that tugs at my heart more often than you think.

Okay, I’m really okay with that because it brought us here. To her.

In the beginning of June we were asked if we wanted to be shown to another birth mother. After looking through her paperwork, Kyle and I both agreed that she looked amazing. Educated, in good health, and married to the birth father. After waiting a week to find out whether or not she picked us (and I snooped and found out that she was also looking at profiles of some other pretty stellar adoptive parents) I got the call on my last day of being at school. The social worker from Heart to Heart called me and told me that Mama N picked us. We were ecstatic!

Terrified, but ecstatic.

We were told that she was due on July 20, but was going to be induced on July 14. We happily made plans and Kyle worked on River’s new room (we are changing our play room into River’s room) and thought we would have everything good and ready by the time we had to leave town to go down to Texas to meet our baby girl.

Bah ha ha! Right!

So on the night of River’s birthday “party” (where we minivaned him and a few friends up to Stages Theater to see a play “The Wiz” and have some yummy dinner) we got the call. Mama N was in labor and would probably have the baby before midnight. We were told that we needed to get to Texas asap, so with the help of grandparents and friends, we got all of our stuff together and left the next morning at 6am.

That was one week ago today.

So here we are. Currently on a plane from San Antonio, Texas to Buffalo, New York where we will trek on up to the Adirondacks with family and friends for the next two weeks. I can’t believe how much has transpired in the past week… it was such a whirlwind.

That, my friends, will have to be explained at a later date. Gotta go make a bottle!


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