Below are two things that I wrote this week. The first was the statement that was read at the sentencing hearing for the person who killed our pup, Winter. The second was written to show my appreciation for our amazing community. God Bless you little Winter. You are missed.

This guy especially misses you.
This guy especially misses you.


Victim Statement-

Our life changes have been significant since the day Mr. Jensen entered our house and killed our pet and family member, Winter. First and foremost our safety has been compromised, so the comfort we have in our own home has shifted for the worse. We do not have the ease of living like we did prior to Mr. Jensen entering our home. Since that day we have spent well over $1000 to upgrade our security system, restricted our children from being outside if an adult is not with them, and we have been much more worried about letting our dog Inu go out to just be a dog. All of those things were never a worry in our mind prior to last year.

A second life change happened the moment we stepped into our home and found our small ten-pound puppy murdered. At the time our children were 2 and 5 years old. Together they witnessed the discovery of our dog bloody and unmoving, as well as their mother become highly emotional and distraught. The tears that were shed by our children that evening will never be forgotten, and the innocence that left them never be returned.

Lastly, I want to note that it is not only my house and my family that have been affected. Our neighborhood as a whole, the one that we live in as well as Mr. Jensen has lost it’s feeling of safety as well. The discussions I have with my neighbors gives me a feeling of sadness that I didn’t have prior to May of 2013.

We hope that Mr. Jensen can spend a significant amount of time in a place where he can get help for both his chemical issues as well as anger. I hope Mr. Jensen spends time in the near future actively trying to become a kinder and more productive person. I hope he tries to find ways to give back to the neighborhood and community that he has made to feel unsafe. I hope Mr. Jensen stays away from animals, and figures out what it was that was in him which made him want to hurt so many dogs. Most of all, right now I hope he gets an ample amount of time to work on all of these things so to make him a better person and one who can successfully join society again.


Thank you, Northfield.

For these past 17 months we have been living in a sad limbo. In May of 2013 three families lives changed forever when Matthew Jensen broke into their houses and killed and injured their family pets. Yesterday, on October 22 he was finally sentenced to up to 57 months in prison.
57 months. It doesn’t bring back our pups. It doesn’t bring back our feeling of safety. It doesn’t bring back all the innocence and love that we lost. But it gives us a little relief, as well as a hope for a brighter future.
This past year and a half we have grieved and cried for our pets. Through that grieving and sadness I feel like there has been a blanket of support surrounding us from people in the Northfield community. I am writing today to say thank you. Thank you for being there and listening to our grief. Thank you for standing up for us and our families, and thank you for being our support when we needed it most.
I am not surprised by the love and care that we were shown these past 17 months. This community gave to us through social media, the news, our amazing local law enforcement support as well as discussions on the streets and in our neighborhoods.  People have been there for us and I will forever be thankful.
I do believe that there are still discussions that need to be had concerning this case: mostly surrounding drugs and our children’s access to them. But, no matter how far I think we still have to go, I want to thank you, Northfield. Thank you for stepping up and helping out your community members. Because of you we are one step closer to feeling safe here yet again.

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