I knew I wasn’t done with this blog. Not by a long shot.


I didn’t know I needed it like this.

Life throws you curve balls. Good ones, bad ones, neutral ones. We got thrown some last summer, and it’s taken me till now to even consider talking about it in this sort of public forum.

I just left one of my favorite people in the world at the airport for her to travel back home. To Minnesota. Which is not my home any longer. I am sad about this, and also happy. I miss my Minnesota life, but am embracing my new Colorado one. I love being near my family, but miss my family I created when living far from home.

This is confusing, but I guess, so is life.

I just hope just two things.

I hope I left with love and,

I hope those I meet and befriend feel my love.

Life can be hard, life can be beautiful. But the one thing I know is that the one thing life will always hand you, is change.

It’s time to embrace it, time to accept it, and time to understand it.



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  1. We are about to move out of the city to a suburb an hour away. It is not my choice but what is best school and finance wise. I’m with you on your feelings about change.

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