Nepal to Rwanda

July, 2008- Application to Crossroads Adoption Agency, and homestudy begins for child #2 in Nepal

January, 2009- Homestudy completed

February, 2009- Fingerprints and paperwork

March, 2009- A lull in the Nepal adoption process

July 22, 2009-  Completed dossier sent to Nepal

October 4, 2009- Found out we were #270 in line in Nepal

January, 2010- Starting to wonder what is happening in Nepal…

March 8, 2010- Decide to pursue an adoption in Rwanda

May, 2010- Putting together another dossier…

May 19, 2010- After being authenticated in various states, our dossier is sent to Washington DC to the Rwandan Embassy

May 29, 2010- Dossier on its way to Rwanda

June 6, 2010- Dossier registered in Rwanda

August 6, 2010- Nepal’s adoption program is shut down for American’s- our Nepal adoption dream is over

October 5, 2010- Find out we are #76 in Rwanda

April 20, 2011- Approval to adopt from Rwanda

September 19, 2011- More paperwork???

March 27, 2012- Nearing the end.

August, 2012- The end of our international adoption dream.


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