Why Adopt?

Written mid-September 2009, near the beginning of our adoption process (yes, a year+ is near the beginning!) this is -part of- our reason for bringing a child that is not biologically ours own into our home…

September 23, 2009

This is a question that we get from everyone, from those who know us well, to those who are just plain curious why we are choosing to adopt. We are obviously incredibly lucky to have a beautiful, healthy little boy, and those of you who knew me while I was pregnant know how happy I was when River was swimming around in my belly.

So why? Why go through this whole, difficult process if we are so blessed to have our own kids?

No, I don’t want to be like “Bradgelina”,

No, I don’t care about getting “fat” again,

No, I do NOT think that my culture is any better than any other culture out there,

and No, I don’t just have around $25,000 hanging around in my basement.

This adoption has always been a dream of ours. We both know that there are millions of orphans in countries all around the world, and that many of them grow up without families. We feel like we can change that for one child out there. Give them a mom and dad who love them with all their hearts. We can give them a world with family, something they never would have experienced (in the same way) in an orphanage.

Since we love to travel, and one of our passions (well, at least my passions) is learning about other cultures and ingraining them into our own, we feel that we can bring our adopted child up in a family that celebrates the country from which they were born. On the selfish side, I feel that we can learn so much from our adopted daughter- I will be encouraged to learn and then teach her about her home country. We will travel back to Nepal and show her the amazing rooftop nation where people go to explore and discover mountains higher than any others on the globe. With her as a part of our family we will be so much better, wiser, and more understanding than if she was not a part of it; and hopefully she will be too.

I also think that River is going to be a great older brother. He has so much love in him sometimes it just makes me cry. I get excited when I think about how great he will be with his adopted sister. I truly believe that he will love her, look after her, and think of her only as his sister, not his adopted sister. There will be hardships when they are growing up, but that is true with all kids, biological or not. The ones we will deal with in our family may be a little different, but as long as we are centered around each other, and the love that we have for one another, things will be okay.

This choice Kyle and I made many years ago feels more and more right every day. And I just can’t wait for the day when we finally get to meet our own little Nepalese daughter.


(and even though our daughter from Nepal never made it home…this all holds true- just a little differently-  for the beautiful babes who are a part of our lives. We are so blessed.)


One thought on “Why Adopt?

  1. My sentiments too:) We just always thought it was something we were going to do-there was no ‘decision’ as such. We always find it funny when people make a huge deal of it as it just feels like a very obvious way of extending our family. It is not a ‘sacrifice’ on our part- I think we are the ones who are gaining so much from adoption.

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